Environmental Control

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Minster Baywatch staff are trained to not only deal with improperly parked vehicles, but to ensure that the car park is clean, tidy, safe and generally well maintained. Worn white lines, uneven surfaces, damaged drain-covers, broken lights or vandalism are promptly reported to the client.

Our services can cover the following aspects:

  • Maintaining a clean and safe environment by reporting damage or identifying threats
  • Ensure that bays are properly marked and white lines well maintained
  • Ensuring that all signage meets the latest legal requirements, are clearly worded and appropriately located so as to seen by every visitor
  • Providing high visibility, professional operatives to give visitors peace of mind
  • Regular reporting where agreed KPIs are in place
  • Regular liaison with your facilities staff – if appropriate
  • Liaison with the local emergency services
  • Advising on insurance cover, lighting, security, CCTV, etc.