Minster Baywatch manage the parking on a significant residential development. They have understood the requirements and put in firm but fair solutions to ensure that the parking spaces are used as the property owners require. They have been flexible and open minded in their approach to solutions to ensure the site is well managed.

David Jones, MD Bellway Homes Limited

We have used Minster Baywatch for the past four years on a number of our sites where parking has been a contentious issue or problematic. We have been delighted with the service they provide us and confident that they issue tickets with integrity & accuracy where required, on the odd occasion that we have raised a query or questioned an issued ticket they have dealt with this promptly & cancelled this without hesitation. We would highly recommend them.


Sean Elwood - West One

Minster Baywatch have provided an excellent service for my company. They produced bespoke signs having viewed the site and have solved my parking problems without fuss. It has made the tenants of my properties much happier and secure in their spaces.


Anglo Dale Developments

Since we appointed Minster Baywatch, illegal and inconsiderate parking at the development has drastically reduced - and those who break the rules are usually caught and fined. The administration of the parking system is simple and effective.

Foundry Square Gardens (Residential Management Committee)