Minster Baywatch has grown in both reputation and size each year.

Our experience is wide ranging, including; 12,000+ space car parks for multi-site organisations, rural destination sites, gaming/leisure providers and the NHS to name just a few.

Our experience includes managing multiple car parks for large organisations such as several rural destination sites, multi-outlet car parks, gaming/leisure providers and the NHS.

At our core, we understand the fundamental requirements of our customers. We communicate in an honest and open fashion and deliver the appropriate solution both socially and financially.


Minster Baywatch have substantial knowledge in providing car park control and enforcement services in a sensitive manner.

We understand that sometimes parking can be an emotive issue and we endeavour to deal with this sympathetically. This we feel gives us a unique advantage and the ability to ‘hit the ground running’ in the roll-out and ongoing management of our facilities.

Minster Baywatch is an Approved Operator through the British Parking Association (BPA). Membership No. 30528.