Cuerden Valley, Preston


Cuerden Valley, Preston


Solar ANPR

Cuerden Valley Park Trust is an independent charity that managed over 650 acres of woodland in Preston. The park has 6 pay and stay car parks and welcomes visitors from across the country who come to enjoy the beautiful woodland walks.


A popular destination site attracting thousands of visitors a week many of whom travel by car due to its rural location. The trust managed 6 car parks spread out across 650 acres and originally took payment through an honesty box system.

As an independent charity, parking revenue was the main source of income for the general upkeep of the land and fund important wildlife projects.



Each of the 6 car parks had its own unique challenges to overcome with several having no mains electrical supply. The Trust relied on visitors to pay using an ‘honesty box’ for parking fees, however less than 40% of visitors parking made a contribution.

With parking revenue playing such an important part in providing funds for the conservation of the area the Trust needed a system that could maximise the parking potential of each site and treat customers fairly so they would return in the future.

Minster Baywatch Solution

Using our best in class solar powered ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera system we were able to give all 6 car parks 24-hour security and enforcement. With enforcement present on each site, the Trust instantly saw an increase in revenue and the camera system provided valuable data about its users.

We worked in partnership with Bransby Wilsons Parking Solutions and integrated the enforcement system with their newly installed pay and stay payment terminals.

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