Established Parking Enforcement Company

We are a well established UK parking enforcement company with over 30 years of experience in the parking industry. Our vast experience includes the provision of parking enforcement services and parking control services to 12,000+ space car parks for multi-site organisations, rural destination sites, gaming/leisure providers, and the NHS to name just a few.

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A Parking Enforcement Company with a Sensitive Approach

We understand that sometimes parking can be an emotive issue and we endeavour to deal with this sympathetically. This, we feel, gives us a unique advantage and the ability to ‘hit the ground running’ in the roll-out and ongoing management of our client’s facilities.

At our core, we understand the fundamental requirements of our customers. We communicate in an honest and open fashion and deliver the appropriate solutions both socially and financially.

Minster Baywatch is an Approved Operator through the British Parking Association (BPA). Membership No. 30528.

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Why Choose Minster Baywatch for Your Car Park Control Needs?

Our 30+ years of car park control expertise includes working on car parks with more than 12,000+ parking spaces for multi-site companies, rural tourism destinations, gaming companies, and the NHS.

We take the time to really understand our clients’ car park control needs. When we speak with you about your ideas and requirements, we are always honest and transparent and will endeavour to provide the most suitable solution for your space.

The use of state of the art car parking technology allows us to deliver leading parking enforcement services, helping to reduce costs, improve customer experience, save time, and remove operational pressures.

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What Management Solutions Do You Provide?

Our car park management solutions are helping companies, property owners, and building owners to better manage their parking facilities across the UK. Thanks to the use of modern parking technology, there are various solutions available to improve your parking setup, as well as prevent unlawful parking on your property and save on operating costs.

When you work with us, we’ll help you to eliminate double parking or poor zone discipline, as well as significantly enhance space availability to boost vehicle throughput. To put it simply, our management services help companies to regain control of their property, enhance user experience, and commercialise what is often an ignored but very important capital asset.

Our solutions are often tailored to each individual location and can be configured to be almost hands-free for busy internal teams, allowing you to maximise your resources.

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What Is Car Park Enforcement?

The hassle of having to deal with vehicles parking on your private property can be very frustrating, regardless of whether your car park is used by staff, residents, or open to public use. That’s where the Minster Baywatch team, and our specialised car parking enforcement services come into play.

In certain locations, especially in urban areas, it might be difficult to find parking spots for cars. Drivers who believe they can get away with illegal parking are a problem for those who own small companies or who have private land or private car parks to safeguard, which is where our services deliver on.

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What Car Parks Can We Service?

When you choose an expert parking enforcement company like Minster Baywatch, it’s simple to put a stop your parking issues. We’re proud to service the following car parks:

Private parking enforcement on private land:
As licenced operators of the BPA (British Parking Association), each member of our team receives extensive training to ensure they are completely versed with all applicable rules of practice and legislation pertaining to parking on private property.

Commercial parking enforcement on commercial property:
When a car park is being utilised for commercial purposes, it is critical to the success of the company that the appropriate enforcement services be in place to ensure that the parking rules are followed. We have earned a stellar portfolio of customers, including a big multi-outlet gaming and leisure provider, a huge retail shopping store, and many NHS trusts.

Residential parking enforcement: In addition to dealing with poorly parked cars through our enforcement services, the Minster Baywatch team are trained to ensure that residential car parks are well maintained and kept safe.

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