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Parking Solutions Manchester Case Study

How our parking solutions helped this 25-space car park on the grounds of the Living Faith Church in Wigan, Greater Manchester.


This site can be found in Orrell, Greater Manchester which is situated on a main road and experiences a high volume of through traffic. Owned by the church, this is the primary car park for their parishioners, as well as for the community hall and community-run post office on site. The car park is broken into two sections to accommodate visitors to the site, as well as the parishioners.


The main challenges experienced by the client were issues in making sure that church attendants were able to park for free, while the users of the community hall were able to access a defined period of free parking.

The client also had to close the gates to the car park at night for safety reasons, as there were no previous systems in place that allowed them the ability to monitor the site for any risky activity. Due to this, there was the issue of cars being locked in at night if the motorists didn’t come back for their vehicles on time. This was especially an issue when it came to unauthorised parking on the site, with people parking up and leaving their cars while they went elsewhere in the village.

Parking Solution

After discussing the needs of this site with the client, the Minster Baywatch team proffered a variety of options that provided a parking solution to the challenges they were experiencing. An ANPR camera system was installed, covering the entrance and exit points of the car park, which ensured the security of the site, as it could now be monitored 24/7.

A Pay and Stay system was put in place for the non-church users, which is run via pay-by-phone. We also provided technology for managing the community hall aspect of the car park, allowing 4 hours of free parking, and giving the church the ability to authorise users.


Through working with Minster Baywatch and the solutions we were able to put in place, there was less pressure for the client when it came to closing up the site at night, as rogue parking was eliminated with the help of the ANPR camera system. We were also able to make sure that users of the church were still authorised for free parking, as per the needs of the client.

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