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The new business team can help you with every aspect of your car park enforcement requirements and can adapt them to each unique situation. Being specialists in parking control and enforcement, we have extensive knowledge in providing car park services in a sensitive manner.

Our portfolio includes many high-profile clients who appreciate the bespoke service we offer.

See below the various solutions we can offer or contact our experienced team for an initial consultation.

Car Park Management

Minster Baywatch: Ethical, Non-confrontational, Lawful Parking Enforcement

Conducting your own parking control is difficult for both small businesses that don’t have the staff and large businesses that struggle to keep operations cost-effective. It’s necessary for customers, visitors, and workers to have exclusive access to your grounds without facing problems posed by unauthorised users.

That’s where Minster Baywatch can help. We provide car parking enforcement services to all kinds of businesses – from corporate and commercial industries to residential and private lands. We consider parking control from an economical and quality perspective to guarantee an all-around efficient service.

If you’re looking for car park management services, please contact our Bransby Wilson branch for more information.

Car Park Control

Why Consider Parking Enforcement Services?

There are several reasons why you should consider parking control and enforcement for your business. Unauthorised vehicle parking is becoming an increasing issue in the UK due to a staggering rise in the number of cars on roads.

Overseeing a private car park requires experience and expertise. With several years in the industry, you can rest assured we have the knowledge and the know-how to fulfill your car park needs.

We can take care of all the administrative requirements necessary to operate car park enforcement, allowing you to spend more time on business matters.

Hiring a car park enforcement company also allows you to benefit from increased revenue from parking assets. This is because we can enforce penalties for drivers overstaying their time limit, thereby bringing in more revenue.

What’s more, tensions can often run high when it comes to enforcing parking control. We’re familiar with the intricacies associated with unhappy customers or parking complaints, allowing us to ensure good conflict resolution.

Car Park Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Options

Minster Baywatch aims to operate an accessible service by offering multiple car park enforcement options for businesses.

For instance, we believe that correct signage is important to promote a safe and fully functioning car park. That’s why we offer sign design, supply, and installation services to optimise parking control. We also provide warning signs to display safety information more prominently.

Some other enforcement options we provide include:

  • Parking control
  • Physical permit parking systems
  • ANPR
  • e-Permit parking systems
  • Vacant space letting
  • Telephone services for residential parking
  • Legal representation in court

For more information about our service please contact our team today.

Why Choose Minster Baywatch?

The Parking (Code of Practice) Act of 2019 requires privately owned car parks to adhere to a strict code of conduct to protect customers.

As long-time members of the British Parking Association, Minster Baywatch is knowledgeable about its code of conduct and aims to enforce it in all aspects of car park management. We have over 30 years of experience ensuring car parks remain safe, legally compliant, and profitable.

You should also choose us because:

  • We’re committed to delivering all our clients’ needs
  • We offer a friendly and customisable service
  • We’ve overseen 2,000+ space car parks
  • We can service a wide range of businesses
  • We offer expert advice and expertise
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