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Parking Control Services

Parking control plays a crucial role in overseeing and enforcing parking rules within parking facilities, ensuring the efficient and fair utilisation of parking spaces in compliance with guidelines. Our parking control services encompass various activities, including monitoring parking spaces, issuing warnings or tickets for violations, managing permits, and implementing parking policies to uphold order and accessibility. The establishment of efficient parking control systems is essential for a seamless parking experience for staff, customers, and visitors alike.

We have over 30 years of experience in the parking industry. With a diverse client base that includes large multi-site organisations, rural destination sites across the UK, multi-outlet car parks, gaming/leisure providers, and the NHS, we are at the forefront of delivering effective parking control services as part of our car parking enforcement services.

What are the benefits of our parking control services?

Enhance Parking Experience

By prioritising user-friendly parking control services, you can ensure drivers can effortlessly locate available spaces without the frustrations of finding a parking space, in turn increasing visitor and return rates.


Improve Traffic Flow

Professional parking control can significantly enhance traffic flow. Installing clear entry and exit points, professional signage, and ANPR systems for seamless vehicle movement and reduced congestion can all benefit customers, staff, visitors and the local community.


Optimise Parking Spaces

We specialise in unlocking the full potential of available parking spaces, strategically minimising congestion and enhancing overall space efficiency.


Increase Revenue

By delivering effective parking control services, Minster contributes to increased income which can be reinvested in parking facility maintenance and improvements.


Enhance Security Measures

We prioritise the safety and security of our client’s parking facilities. Advanced ANPR systems, ample lighting, and restricted access create a secure environment, minimising risks.


Reduce Environmental Impact

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, our services positively impact the environment by reducing the time spent searching for parking spaces, thereby contributing to a decrease in carbon emissions. Additionally, we offer solar car park solutions and electric vehicle charging bays, aligning with our eco-friendly practices ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for both our clients and the broader community.


Ensure Parking Compliance and Regulations

Being a part of the British Parking Association, we take measures to ensure that parking facilities adhere to regulations. Establishing clear rules, including designated accessible parking spaces and time restrictions, contributes to maintaining a well-regulated parking environment.


Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

Our innovative parking control systems generate valuable data for informed decision-making. Analysis of usage patterns and identification of peak hours enable strategic improvements based on concrete data.


Provide Efficient Maintenance Strategies

Controlled parking environments enable us to implement targeted and efficient car park maintenance services. Identifying high-traffic zones or areas prone to wear and tear becomes easier, facilitating proactive maintenance measures.


Promote Positive Brand Image

Our holistic parking control services contribute to building a positive brand image. The seamless parking experience we provide reflects positively on the overall image of our clients, creating a positive impression among visitors and customers.


Our parking control services and systems provide a wide range of benefits that go beyond conventional solutions. From optimising space utilisation to prioritising user experience and promoting sustainability, our services present a strategic investment for businesses and organisations across the UK seeking to maximise the potential of their parking facilities.

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