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With a wealth of experience in delivering top-notch parking permit solutions throughout the UK, you can rely on us to effectively oversee your parking spaces. Our journey began over three decades ago when we introduced our first permit-only car park, and since then, we have emerged as leaders in the parking sector. Whether it’s parking permits for your staff, residents, visitors, or even paid spaces, we have tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

We provide a comprehensive range of both physical and digital parking permit solutions, and our experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable option for your business and its stakeholders. From handling administration tasks and processing payments to addressing enquiries and managing parking enforcement, our dedicated team takes care of it all.

Key advantages of opting for our parking permit solutions include:

  • Free up valuable working time – we handle all administration duties, including customer support.
  • Full site and process compliance with industry codes of practice, GDPR, and permit holder contracts
  • The power of a full marketing department to promote permit sales for contract parking

Streamline your permit parking experience with our advanced permit system and extensive expertise, providing you with a straightforward and hassle-free solution.

What Parking Permit Management Options do you offer?

There are various systems that can identify authorised users of a car park, including:

  • The traditional method which involves displaying a permit/ticket in the windscreen of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles included on a digital authorised user list that records the vehicle registration mark (VRM), applicable to paid parking, permit parking, and staff parking.
  • Max Stay car parks, where any vehicle can use the space, but a time limit is imposed on their stay.

We manage clients that operate using each of the above parking permit methods.

Traditional Parking Permits

While the conventional practice of displaying tickets on a car windscreen has long been the traditional means of identifying authorised users, recent advancements in parking technology have rendered it less effective. While physical permits may still be suitable for certain sites, their pros and cons are outlined below:


  • Familiarity
  • Minimal technical ability required
  • Ease of visual verification


  • Permits and tickets can be easily lost or stolen
  • A cost to replacing lost or damaged permits
  • Risk of fraudulent copying of permits
  • Users often forget to display their permits
  • Permits can be shared among multiple users
  • Administering physical permits requires significant staff hours
  • There is a constant need for replacement to keep permits up to date

Digital Parking Permits | Parking Portal Software

Our Parking Portal Software is a client facing parking permit management software that can be used to add, remove and view authorised users of a car park. This is an entry level parking permit system that is user friendly and provides a simple way for clients to manage their own authorised user list.


  • No monthly fees
  • No transaction fees
  • Simple, easy-to-use system
  • Web-based – accessible on any device
  • Grants full control to add, amend, and delete
  • Authorisation for set time, indefinitely, or amendments for specific days/hours
  • Instant addition of users to the allow list


  • Client-facing only, no user access
  • Requires staff hours to operate
  • Time-consuming, especially for large sites
  • Impractical for sites with very large authorised user lists
  • No ability to charge end-users through the system
  • Lacks accountability to the user


Digital Parking Permits | Parking Permit Software

Our Parking Permit Software is a premium parking permit solution, offering multiple bespoke functions that cater to the needs of all users.

Both the client and permit holders are provided with individual logins, enabling both parties (if permitted) to manage various elements within the system.

We design a tailored permit webpage that can operate as a standalone site or be seamlessly linked to the client’s own website, see example below:

This site can be tailored to the specific needs of each client/site, offering numerous customisable options.

How It Works:

We collaborate with our clients to customise the permit system according to their requirements. This process involves:

Creating a Landing Page: This serves as the initial point where permit holders are directed when they require a permit. It is also the platform for managing live permits, storing contact details, vehicle registrations, and allowing permit holders to manage their accounts. They can apply to change information, including vehicle details, and handle payments if applicable.

Designing an Application Form: For new users applying for a permit, a fully customisable application form is created. Questions can be added or removed based on the site’s needs. The form allows for document uploads, such as driving licenses, utility bills, staff IDs, etc. Completed applications can be sent either directly to the client or to Minster Baywatch for approval/denial. An auto-approve function can also be set under specific conditions.

Determining Permissions and Charges:

When deciding on the permissions to be granted to permit holders, the client holds the authority to set permission levels for accessing and amending the system. For instance, they can determine the number of registrations permit holders can save at one time, impose restrictions on the number of amendments to stored information, and decide whether amendments/additions are automatically accepted or require approval from the client/Minster Baywatch. It is important to note that our system is designed to accommodate scenarios where a permit holder is allowed to store multiple registrations but is only permitted to park one vehicle at a time.

Additionally, if applicable, clients have the flexibility to decide on charges for permit holders using our parking permit software. This feature serves as a revenue-generating opportunity, allowing the creation of multiple tariffs with the activation of auto-renewal/payment.


  • Tailorable to user needs
  • Significantly saves staff hours (hundreds)
  • Payment management and revenue generation options
  • Permit holders can autonomously manage their accounts, including changing VRM
  • Centralised system with immediate information availability
  • Full integration with all our enforcement systems
  • Cost savings
  • Futureproof design
  • Customisable elements for clients’ branding preferences
  • Permit holder information can facilitate client communications, such as event notifications
  • Simplifies management of large, multiple-user car parks
  • Enhances customer experience through user-friendly design


  • Initial setups take 2-3 weeks
  • Not always suitable for smaller car parks (less than 5 users)

Our solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and user autonomy. From bespoke tailoring to revenue generation, our permit systems centralise and streamline operations, ensuring cost savings and future-proofing.

For more information about our parking permit solutions, or if you require further assistance with your car park, get in touch with us today.


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