ANPR Systems

ANPR Systems UK: Effective and Efficient Solutions

ANPR systems provide the most effective and efficient car park enforcement solution with numerous car park management benefits. We provide leading ANPR car park systems to a wide range of private and public organisations across the UK. Some of the benefits of having an ANPR system installed and managed through Minster Baywatch include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • ANPR Parking Tickets
  • Blacklisting
  • Increased Security
  • Valuable Traffic Flow and User Statistics
  • Non-Confrontational Approach
  • Integration With Other Tech Solutions
  • Nil Cost Setups Available
  • Allow a Pay-On-Exit System
  • Expert Registration Analysis
  • Bespoke ANPR Software Solutions


What is an ANPR Solution?

ANPR, or “Automatic Number Plate Recognition”, is a technology that reads vehicle registration plates to create location data. This information is captured by cameras or sensors and then cross-referenced against a range of traffic enforcement regulations. ANPR solutions are becoming increasingly popular with companies who have private car parks, helping them to establish how long a driver spends there. Companies can also use ANPR solutions to understand who is on their property, which is important for supporting a security team and ensuring premises are safe.

How Do ANPR Cameras Work in Car Parks?

Cameras are placed at the entrances and exits of the car park to photograph every vehicle as it arrives and leaves. The cameras produce real-time data, including traffic flow, occupancy, and peak times. They can also be integrated with payment terminals to expand reporting and allow you to see how people choose to pay, the tariff they pick, and compare this with the duration of their stay.


ANPR Parking Tickets

ANPR systems can be integrated with ticketing functionalities to issue parking tickets automatically. When a vehicle is detected by the ANPR cameras violating parking rules or exceeding the permitted duration, the system can generate and issue ANPR parking tickets to the registered vehicle owners. This automated process helps streamline parking enforcement and ensures efficient management of parking spaces. While the accuracy rates of automated ANPR ticketing systems are low, at Minster Baywatch we prioritise comprehensive accuracy. In addition to automation, our ticketing process includes expert analysis, ensuring meticulous scrutiny for precise results. By combining the benefits of automation with the expertise of our analysts, we strive to deliver unparalleled accuracy in our ANPR parking ticket solutions.


Minster Baywatch: Enhancing ANPR Systems Through Expert Analysis and Bespoke Solutions

The Human Touch: Expert Analysis
One of the concerns some organisations have around implementing ANPR is its accuracy. Whilst inaccuracy rates of ANPR systems are low, incorrectly fining customers and clients for overstaying their allotted time can harm your company’s reputation. This is why utilising the more human touch provided by Minster Baywatch adds real value to the service we offer.

Unlike many competitors, we do not rely on a fully automated process, as a highly trained analyst reviews every potential breach. They can quickly identify incorrectly entered registrations and common mistakes before issuing a Parking Charge Notice.

In the event of a mistake from the ANPR system, our experts will examine the car’s registration plate against the registration plate that the system finds. This detailed review process means we can eliminate the chance of false readings, helping maintain a good reputation with your customers and ensuring that only the right people will receive a Parking Charge Notice.


Bespoke ANPR Software Solutions

Another fundamental benefit of partnering with Minster Baywatch is the bespoke and highly customisable nature of our services. Our ANPR software allows clients to control how the ANPR system will work best for them, such as increased grace periods. Some sites may also require that the cameras are ‘switched off’ during specific times/days, which can be implemented for one-off events or regular days that do not need to be enforced.
There are a wide range of settings that can control the way an ANPR system works, some of these include:

  • Grace Periods: Extending the parking duration in a car park or specific area.
  • Active Hours: Specifying the times of day that an ANPR system is active in a car park.
  • Varying Locations: Using ANPR systems to target different areas at different times of the day in line with demand.

Where some see ANPR as a relatively blunt tool, using the right ANPR provider means having a flexible system to keep your premises secure and well-monitored.


ANPR Data Analysis

We realise the valuable role ANPR systems play in providing essential car parking data to our clients. One of the most important things modern companies have access to is data, whether this is a website with access to user data or a shopping centre that can track footfall in a building. Understanding data means you can tailor your business to your customer’s needs, which is where ANPR is the perfect tool to keep track of valuable data.

Using ANPR effectively allows our clients to track various statistics, including the type and number of cars using their car park or premises. This allows our clients to make informed business decisions when planning an expansion of parking infrastructure and determining the appropriate size of parking spaces, for example. This means that future business decisions (e.g. expanding a parking infrastructure and determining the size of parking spaces) can be based on real data. Minster Baywatch’s ANPR goes beyond being a mere traffic security system; it serves as a strategic tool for modern, forward-thinking companies, empowering them with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities.


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