Exclusions & Allow List

State of the Art Exclusions & Allow List Parking Technology

Our parking exclusions and allow list technology ensures that genuine users are not wrongly penalised. Having a firm enforcement system operating in your car park is key to the success of the site. Enforcement improves customer experience, improves turnover, and generally improves the efficiency of operation.

However, without reliable safety measures and up to date technology in place, enforcement can also have a detrimental effect on its users and give a business a bad reputation.

Minster Baywatch Provides a Number of Smart Parking Technologies to Protect Genuine Users

Our smart parking technology identifies vehicles listed on the allow list and excludes those from the enforcement function. Our clients have access to a personalised back-office system to manage their site’s exclusion and allow lists.

Additionally, we can also install tablet terminals that are customer-facing allowing them to temporarily exclude their vehicle when required.

Sites with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera systems can also use this smart technology through the use of an exclusion camera. Any vehicle that drives into a specific area is automatically excluded from enforcement. This is particularly useful when car parks have a designated delivery zone or share access with another business.

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